Major Issues Hypnosis Can Treat

To stop smoking

Hypnosis has been proven to be successful in reducing the tendency to smoke by individuals who were once considered to be chain smokers. Hypnosis is highly recommended when it comes to smoking cessation. Hypnosis helps change the mentality and way the smokers think about smoke at a more profound and deep level by substituting the temptation with motivation to quit and lead a healthy life.

To manage and control weight

Hypnosis has the ability and capability to help control one’s diet plan instead of the food controlling the individual. A hypnotherapist in such cases uses the technique of frames to help individuals cut weight by viewing it from different aspects. Through hypnosis, it is possible for the subconscious mind to gain control of an individual’s eating habits.


To control pain

Through previous research studies, it is possible to reduce acute and chronic pain prevalent in the body. Through the technique of hypnosis, the conscious mind is diverted away, enabling the subject to relax, avoid distractions and bypass the critical conscious mind existing to access the unconscious mind.

To manage addiction

Hypnosis is known to be a powerful and impeccable tool to tackle cases of addiction. Hypnosis addresses the issues by accessing the unconscious mind and place seeds or ideas and suggestions that can take root and grow. Hypnosis can curb withdrawal symptoms and provide an alternative drug-free escape with the intention to traumatize the individual against the thought of using needles again for pleasure.

To conquer bad habits

Hypnosis has long been used as the right weapon to tackle and obliterate bad habits. Bad habits can be anything and everything from nail biting to procrastination. These habits can be dismantled by getting access to the unconscious mind. Repeated and consistent implementation of positive thoughts and suggestions against these bad habits will eventually enable the unconscious to accept the recommendations and reinforce them, leading you to change your behavior gradually. If the behavior is changed, the pattern is broken, and you are free.

To cope with emotional trauma

Emotional trauma is the result of some specific stressful event that scarred and left a person filled with insecurity, sense of helplessness and loneliness. Hypnosis can tackle such emotional damage by using the technique of regression. The method of regression involves taking the individual back to that traumatic experience to realize the once real danger is no more, and the threat is no longer there. In doing so, it enables the individual to deal with the untreated trauma and finally let the scar heal allowing an improved quality of life.